About Us

Ashton opened Appellation Wines in November 2009, with the underlying philosophy of stocking wines that cannot be found elsewhere. With so many different wines out there, why stock those that can be found everywhere?

Have you ever wondered why when you are on holiday in France, you seem to be able to find great local wine but when you return to the UK, you can never lay your hands on the same bottles?

It’s hardly surprising since only a very small percentage of wines produced in France (or Italy or Spain for that matter) are actually bought by UK wine merchants. Yet we are told continuously that the continent no longer offers great wines at an agreeable price.

We’re here to challenge that.

We champion the smaller producer and the lesser-known wine regions. We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t drink ourselves – and yes, we have high standards!

Weekly tastings are held in store, alternating between wine, beer and spirit tastings.  We also take great pleasure in hosting bespoke corporate and private tastings. If you need some more information, please call us on 0131 261 7656


Opening Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 12 – 6pm

Wednesday: 12 – 6pm

Thursday 12 – 6pm

Friday 12 – 6pm

Saturday: 12 – 6pm

Sunday: Closed