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In Memoriam

Posted by on Feb 9, 2014

Breaking into the unappealing month of February, there are really only two things that can keep you going: Six Nations Rugby and drams of whisky. It was my sincere hope that tonight I would be celebrating a number of Scottish victories by this point in the tournament. Alas, such prayers have yet to be answered and so I am left with whisky. Although, I have to say that even whisky gave me some emotional peaks and troughs this week. I first tasted Edradour 10 in June of 2012 and loved its creamy, vanilla honey qualities. I visited the distillery that summer and also had the pleasure of tasting their port-finished eight year old, which I found to be even tastier. Since that...

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Liquid Gold

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014

I titled Monday’s tasting ‘The Golden Ales of Belgium’ because Belgian beers, whether they are of gold colour or not, tend to overlap to some degree or another. While some beers can definitively be classified in a particular style, what exactly differentiates a ‘Belgian Strong’ from a ‘Belgian Tripel’ from a ‘Belgian Blonde’ is sometimes (even often) beyond me to determine. Belgians aren’t terribly keen on stylistically defining their beers anyways. Beering this in mind (you see what I did there?) and taking into account a unique and knowledgeable audience of one, I did something I very rarely do and offered a...

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Take the Low Road

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014

We’re well into the New Year by now and for me, at least, it’s started off as well as can be hoped. Apologies to those who showed up at our doors in the first few days seeking a beer with which to quench your palate, but we at Appellation were all taking a wee holiday. This week we really got back into full swing, though, as our first tastings of 2014 have taken place the last two nights running. As Monday night is beer night, I was the one who started off our 2014 lineup and I chose to bring it home to Scotland. I’ve dabbled on the edges of this type of tasting in the past (some of you might recall my ‘Beers of Edinburgh’ and ‘Best of...

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Round: The World

Posted by on Dec 24, 2013

I’d like to say that I planned to write up our ‘Santa’s Pit Stop Picks’ tasting on Christmas Eve. It is remarkably appropriate after all. Alas, I must admit that the timing of this post is more coincidence than any foresight on my part. Still, I feel that even if I hadn’t had two exams, two Christmas parties, visiting friends, Christmas shopping, and packing to be getting along with last week, it still would have been better for me to delay this post until today. It’s currently 5am Mountain Time and I’ve already been up three hours due to the insufferable jet lag that a transatlantic flight will induce. Having just spent 20 hours...

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Christmas Opening Hours

Posted by on Dec 17, 2013

Christmas Eve: 10-6pm Christmas Day: Closed Boxing Day: Closed Friday 27th: Closed Saturday 28th: 10-10pm Sunday 29th: 2-8pm Monday 30th: 12-10pm Tuesday 31st: 12-10pm Wednesday 1st- Thursday 9th: Closed Friday 10th: Open again as normal.

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